Welcome to the Intelli Fit blog where you can learn all about getting fit intelligently.

There’s hundreds of different diet programs and workout programs out there on the market today but I believe the best way to get fit and healthy is to do it the smart way.

That means following a healthy but not restrictive diet and not working out for too long.

When you workout for too long this releases cortisol into the body because your body is over stressed.

This can actually cause you to gain weight as well as age faster.

So the Intelli Fit way of getting fit is to not over exercise.

I’m also a big believer that a healthy diet will change your life.

Ever since I started eating healthy I have been amazed at how much better I feel.

These days I have cut out most meat and pretty much all junk food. I try to only eat organic food and stuff that grows naturally.

If possible I eat it raw too because I discovered that when you cook your vegetables it actually kills a lot of the good stuff I blend a lot of stuff now and I feel great.

The Intelli Fit blog isn’t just about fitness though. I’m also interested in other aspects of self improvement such as yoga.

I love yoga because it is a great way to exercise without putting too much stress on the body and you feel great afterwards.

Every time I do yoga I always do some meditation afterwards for 15 minutes where I just lay perfectly still and relax.

For me meditation is almost like napping. Just a way to recharge the brain.

In fact I’ve found that whenever I’m feeling a little bit tired or my head is feeling a bit cloudy a good 15 minute meditation session will make me feel much more alive and alert.

So what else can you expect to see on the blog here?

Well I’ll also be posting product reviews of the stuff that I buy that relate to fitness and health.

I’ll be posting workout tips, nutrition guides, motivational pictures and all kinds of other self improvement articles.

So thanks for visiting the Intelli Fit blog and look out for more content coming soon!