I’ve been struggling to lose weight for a long time now and it’s not for lack of trying.

I’ve tried the Atkins diet, P90X, the gym and even starving myself but I just couldn’t seem to get the results I wanted.

I just wanted to be healthy and slim and not so tired all the time.

Then one day not that long ago I received a wedding invitation in the mail.

I don’t know why but this just sent me over the edge.

I just looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to cry.

I was overweight and looked a mess and I felt like crap.

I was in no mood to dress up for a wedding.

But there was still time..

So that evening I pulled out my laptop and decided to look for ways to lose weight.

That’s when I found the Fat Diminisher website.

I read some reviews and most of them were positive so I thought What the hell, let’s give it a try.

It’s pretty cheap so if it sucked then I wouldn’t be out on the streets and they have a 60 day money back guarantee.

A few minutes later I had the Fat Diminisher pdf loaded up on my computer and for the next couple of hours I read every single word.

I found the Fat Diminisher eBook very motivating.

The more I read the more my mind was opening to the possibility of actually losing weight.

Things just made sense and I couldn’t wait to get started.

The eBook itself is 157 pages long and very easy to read even if you know nothing about losing weight.

The first thing that really made sense to me was when he recommended that we only exercise for 7 minutes per day.

In the past I’ve tried intense workout programs but those workouts last well over an hour and I just can’t do that.

I just don’t have the time and they leave me feeling drained.

But Wesley (the creator of the Fat Diminisher program) explains that we don’t need to exercise for hours on end to lose weight.

In fact by over exercising we end up getting burned out.

This causes us to then over-eat and too much exercise causes stress which releases Cortisol into your body.

When we have lots of Cortisol in the body this causes us to store fat so too much exercise can actually make you fat!

So Wesley recommends just 7 minutes of exercise per day and that’s fine by me!

The workouts are all on video so all you need to do is follow along.

Even though they only last 7 minutes they’re challenging but they don’t leave you feeling drained.

By doing short bursts of exercise like this your body releases a hormone called Oxytocin aka the happy hormone.

People who have more of this hormone tend to be more motivated and lose weight faster so these short workouts are really beneficial.

Less really is more.

The Fat Diminisher Diet

What really opened my mind was when Wesley started talking about what to eat.

These days unless you eat completely organic you’re essentially eating food that is full of chemicals, growth hormones, germicides and pesticides.

All of this is really bad for your body and can cause cancer, weight gain, blood pressure problems, diabetes and all kinds of other problems.

Wesley introduces you to a super healthy diet that indigenous tribal people eat.

Did you know that less than 1% of these indigenous people get cancer!

Most of us in the Western world eat a high acidic diet and because of this we suffer from things like;

  • A lack of energy.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Stress and nervousness.
  • Headaches.
  • Ulcers.
  • Dull or broken hair.
  • We get infections easily.
  • We get depressed.
  • Dry skin.
  • Or over oily skin.
  • We gain weight easily.
  • Fast aging.
  • Kidney stones.

The people in these indigenous tribes rarely ever get these problems!

So Wesley recommends a diet which has been proven to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and help us lose weight fast.

Plus his diet is full of foods that are proven to help slow down the signs of aging.

But don’t worry you’ll be able to get the food from your local shops.

Here’s some of the key things you’ll learn inside the Fat Diminisher program..

  • A special technique to burn visceral fat around the belly area. It’s the equivalent of doing a thousand sit ups per day but not as hard.
  • How to digest food faster so that your body doesn’t store any as fat.
  • The 6 vegetables to never eat and why.
  • The 3 super foods to help burn fat fast and feel amazingly healthy.
  • Exercises to never do.

In a nutshell the Fat Diminisher program is a complete weight loss blueprint.

It comes with meal plans and a workout program.

It tells you exactly what and when to eat and when to workout.

It’s all laid out step by step and after reading through it I was super excited to get started. 🙂

So the next day I went out shopping and bought all the new ingredients and a new blender.

I actually found that my new shopping list was less expensive than what I would normally spend which was a bonus.

And a couple of supplements I had to buy online from Amazon and they arrived the next day.

So all I had to do now was follow the 30 day program..

Following the Fat Diminisher program..

So when you actually get down to it you’ll find the system is actually pretty simple and easy to follow.

One thing you’ll be doing every day is drinking the SUPER healthy Fat Diminisher smoothie.

You’ll also need to find 7 minutes per day for the workouts.

The best time to do them is first thing in the morning when you wake up.

I found the workouts gave me a morning boost of energy and made me feel great.

I’d do my 7 minute workout, go have a shower and then have the smoothie and be ready for the day.

As well as the morning smoothie Wesley gives you meals plans to follow every day so there’s nothing left to guesswork.

You’ll be drinking a lot of smoothies by the way so make sure you have a blender!

The First Week..

After just a week of following the program I was already starting to feel healthier.

I found the program easy to follow and had no problems sticking to it.

I felt lighter, happier and I had so much more energy.

I started getting out of bed right away in the morning right away as soon as the alarm went off.

3 Months of the Fat Diminisher..

For the first time ever I was actually able to stick to a weight loss program!

The first 3 months flew by.

As time went on I started to feel better and better and I ended up losing weight faster than I expected.

The pounds started falling off.

It all seemed too easy.

You won’t be doing hours of grueling workouts or starving yourself.

You’ll be doing short little workouts that anyone can do and you’ll be eating plenty of the right food so you won’t be hungry all the time.

I was taught that if you want to lose weight then you’ve got to work your butt off at the gym and eat like a squirrel but now I know that’s simply not true.

So after 3 months of the Fat Diminisher program I lost just over 20 Lbs. 🙂

But the real key here is that I didn’t have to destroy myself in the gym or follow a grueling workout program to do it.

It was dare I say.. Easy.

Let me tell you a quick story..

Last year when I was doing P90X (a grueling workout program) I was about a week into it and I was so tired and drained because of the workouts and eating so little.

I went into work one day and my friend Abby who I had known since school said “Oh, are you OK? You don’t look so good.”

That’s the kind of comments you’ll hear when you try to lose weight too fast.

But recently..

After I’d been following the Fat Diminisher for just a couple of weeks I went into work and again there was Abby and this time she said to me “How come you look so healthy. Have you lost weight? Tell me everything!”

I’ve had tons of comments like that recently from people telling me I look healthy and asking me how I’ve been losing weight.

So yeah I love the Fat Diminisher.

It will help you lose weight and get healthy at the same time.

What do you do after you’ve finished the program?

Now that I’ve done the Fat Diminisher for 3 months I’m going to repeat the process as I still have some more weight to lose.

When I’ve reached my goal weight I’m definitely going to continue drinking the super smoothies and following the Fat Diminisher diet.

The Fat Diminisher is something that you can follow forever to stay healthy even after you’ve lost weight.

I am so thankful that I gave it a chance.

It’s all written “step by step” so anyone can follow it.

Trust me when you get started you’ll be amazed at how fast you lose weight and how healthy and vibrant you start to feel.

I’ve even sent a copy to my Mom and a few friends as I want them to get healthy too. 🙂

The Fat Diminisher Contents

Here’s a picture of the contents..

If I were to sum it up in as few words as possible I would say that it’s a blueprint for you to follow that will help you lose weight quickly and safely.

Why I Like The Fat Diminisher Program

So I was going to write a Pros & Cons section here but to be honest the only bad thing I could think to say about the program is that you need to buy some extra supplements.

They’re not that expensive and they’re easy to get so I’ve decided in this section to write down why I like the Fat Diminisher program because I couldn’t think of any cons. 🙂

So here’s why I like it;

  • No Gym Membership Needed: The first thing that I like is that it can all be done from home. You don’t need a gym membership or any special equipment.
  • Easy To Understand: I’m no rocket scientist but even I was able to fully understand the system. I don’t like it when things are too complicated and I’m happy to say that even if you’re new to dieting and weight loss you should have no problem understanding the system which means you can get started quickly.
  • Everything Is Explained: I see the Fat Diminisher program kind of like a blueprint. Everything is explained step by step and you won’t feel like there’s anything left out. It covers both exercise and nutrition. It’s a complete health and weight loss system.
  • It’s Healthy And Safe: A lot of weight loss programs that I’ve tried are neither healthy nor safe but I believe the Fat Diminisher is a safe and healthy way to lose weight fast. The Fat Diminisher isn’t just about weight loss, It’s about being healthy too.

Since following the program I’ve found that;

  • My skin is better.
  • I have more energy.
  • I’m happier and less moody.
  • I look and feel healthier.
  • I do more stuff with family and friends because I’m not so tired anymore.

I still have some more weight to lose but I feel a million times better already.

  • Comes With Videos: I like that the workouts are on video and not just shown in pictures like some other programs I’ve tried. It just makes it a lot easier to follow along.
  • Money Back Guarantee: They also have a 60 day money back guarantee so you can buy it and try it and if for some reason you don’t like it you can just get your money back.
  • You Can Do It: The thing I like most about the Fat Diminisher program is that anyone can do it including you. It’s not difficult, it’s not intense and you can fit it into your life even if you’re super busy.

The Fat Diminisher Frequently Asked Questions

As someone who has been through the Fat Diminisher system I’m going to try and answer some of your questions.

If there’s anything I miss and you still have more questions then your are welcome to ask it in the comments section below!

When will I see results? You will start to see changes within the first week.

Your body is amazing and you’ll be surprised at how fast you start to see changes and feel better.

Is the Fat Diminisher program safe? Absolutely. It’s all about eating healthy and doing regular but modest amounts of exercise.

I’ve tried lots of diets and workout programs and the Fat Diminisher program is probably one of the safest I’ve tried.

I’m busy. Is it time consuming? Not really, the workouts are very short and you can fit them into any day no matter how busy you are and the meals are pretty simple and easy to prepare so even if you’re super busy you shouldn’t have any problem following the program.

Will it leave me feeling tired and exhausted? With a lot of other weight loss programs I’ve tried they’ve left me feeling tired and exhausted but with the Fat Diminisher program I actually found that the longer I did it the better I felt.

How much weight will I lose? This is a hard one to answer but you can probably expect to lose between 1-2 pounds per week.

Is there other stuff that I need to buy? There’s a couple of supplements recommended but they’re pretty cheap and can be bought on Amazon and a lot of other places.

Apart from that you won’t need to buy anything else.

Will it work for me? Because I’ve tried the Fat Diminisher program first hand I feel that it would work for anybody.

No matter who you are, if you want to lose weight and improve your health then you need to try the Fat Diminisher program.

More Questions? I hope you found that helpful and if there’s anything else you need answered then drop your question in the comment section below. 🙂

Should You Buy The Fat Diminisher?

This is the BIG question.

The Fat Diminisher has made a believer of me.

I followed it and know first hand that it works.

I have recommended it to my own friends and family so I would absolutely recommend it to YOU!

If you need to lose weight and you care about your health then get yourself a copy of the Fat Diminisher program.

It’ll only take a couple of hours to read through.

You just need to get started as soon as possible because the sooner you start the sooner you’ll lose weight and see results.

The Fat Diminisher is a great program and anyone can do it including YOU!

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