OptiMind Review – Your New Secret Weapon Focus & Productivity..

A few minutes ago I popped a couple of OptiMind pills, they should “kick in” any moment now..

..Ah, there we go. All of a sudden my mind feels clear and focused and I begin to write.

This stuff is quite special so I wanted to take the time to write this OptiMind review.

In this post I’m going to share my experience using it and talk about what it can do for you!

By the way, there are some new OptiMind reviews posted below our readers.

(One of my favorite reviews below is by “Mr J” who increased his stock trading account by 18% in one month with the help of Opti Mind.)

As a freelance writer and coder I work from home and often find myself just staring at my monitor like a zombie getting nothing done.

I’ll sit down to write an article and before I know it 10 minutes has disappeared, then 30 and then an hour and I have to kick myself for wasting so much time.

A lot of the time it feels like there is a cloud in my head and although I want to get things done I just can’t seem to focus.

But recently while I was at a local WordPress coding conference I met a guy called Tim and he started telling me about this Nootropic he was taking called OptiMind which helps him focus.

He said..

“When I take this stuff my mind feels clear and I just get my work done.”

I said that sounds good and he gave me a couple.

I didn’t just want to take a couple of pills from a stranger without researching them first so when I got home I researched the product and the ingredients and it seemed safe.

It had good reviews but for some reason I was very skeptical about it.

I had my doubts that a natural supplement would be able to help me focus and give me energy.

But I decided to give it a try so the next morning when I woke up at 6:30 instead of drinking a black coffee like I normally would I decided to take the 2 OptiMind pills instead.

After taking a shower I sat down at my desk to write an article and at first I didn’t feel anything and my brain was feeling foggy and slow just like it usually does at this time of the morning.

15 minutes later..

All of a sudden I found myself sitting up straight and feeling energized.

Then I felt my brain fog drift away and it was replaced by a feeling of focus.

My head felt clear, lighter and almost euphoric.

To tell you the truth I had never felt this good before.

I didn’t know how long it was going to last and I didn’t want this feeling to go to waste so I began writing.. and writing.. and writing.

The words just kept coming.

In less than 45 minutes I had written over 1,000 words and completed the article.

I felt so good that I kept on writing and by 9:30 am in less than a few hours I had written 3 articles, all of them more than 1,000 words and I was still feeling the effects of OptiMind.

Usually by 9:30 I would have barely finished 1 article and would be kicking myself for getting so little done!

After eating some breakfast at 9:30 I took the dog for a walk.

While we were walking I felt much more alert and in the moment.

I found myself walking more upright and I didn’t feel so bogged down.

Having a clear mind feels so good.

When I got home I sat back down at my desk to do some coding for a piece of software I’m building for a client.

My deadline wasn’t due for another 2 weeks but I felt so focused that I just coded and coded and coded.

The software was well on its way to being completed.

Now the interesting thing about this is that usually by 2pm in the afternoon my brain fog is so bad that I need to lie down for 20 minutes and meditate but thanks to OptiMind I had absolutely no need to take a break and go lie down.

After around 5:30 I felt the effects start to wear off but that’s fine because I then had some dinner and chilled for the rest of the evening.

Conclusion: At the end of the day I was so AMAZED at how it made me feel and how much work I had gotten done that I went from a skeptic to a believer. πŸ™‚

Before going to bed I went on their website and ordered a bottle of OptiMind for myself.

It arrived a few days later and I’ve been taking it ever since and have been getting so much work done that I’ve more than doubled my income.

If you’re looking for something to help you focus, clear your mind and make your feel energized then give OptiMind a try and I think you’ll be amazed at how good it makes you feel and how much more productive you’ll become.

Try OptiMind FREE! New customers can now get a FREE 10 capsule trial pack on the official website at www.GetOptiMind.com

When you take this stuff it kind of feels like you’re unlocking your brain and you’ll say to yourself “Wow, I didn’t know I could feel this good.”

Whether you choose to tell others about OptiMind or keep it as your secret weapon, well that’s up to you!

OptiMind Reviews

Opti Mind is the best nootropic for me.

I have used a few different nootropics. The only ones that have worked for me have been alpha brain and OptiMind.

Of the 2 I prefer OptiMind because it just seems to work better and it's like half the price!


Getting more work done now!

I take this supplement first thing in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. I feel it's really helping me get more work done. I hope it keeps working!

In the zone!

I can definitely feel a difference after taking OptiMind. It feels like you're more alert and in the zone.


My trading account is up 18%

I agree with Tony's review when he says it makes you feel "in the zone" as that's how I would best describe it.

Your mind just seems to focus better and thoughts become clearer.

It feels really good to sit at my computer feeling focused as I'm a stock trader so the better I can concentrate and react to the markets the more money I can make.

My trading has come on leaps and bounds recently and I feel like I'm more switched on.

My account is up 18% this month which is my best month ever in 6 years of trading.

I feel like OptiMind is my little secret weapon that's helping me get rich lol.

Mr J

It’s good.

Here's my review for OptiMind – I wouldn't say it performs miracles or anything like that. Don't expect to be like the guy from that Limitless movie but it will help give you a nice energy and help you focus more.

The best way I can describe it is to say that it feels like you're using more of your brain when you take this.


I love OptiMind!!

I'm a student and one of my friends takes this brain pill and swears by it. I bought myself a bottle and I feel transformed.

In the evenings I'd never want to study because I was tired or wanted to go out and have fun.

I just didn't have the brain power to sit down and focus on studying in the evenings but since taking this I feel so alert and focused that I've been spending at least 3 hours every evening doing my homework and studying.

With all this extra studying I'm learning so much and feel like I'm on the right track. It actually makes me feel proud to see how much work I'm getting done and knowing that I'm giving maximum effort for my future.

So glad I found this!


The focus is amazing

Another student here! Several of my friends take nootropics but I'm the only one who takes OptiMind as the good reviews stood out to me.

Before I bought these I was really struggling at college and found myself falling behind.

I take 2 of these in the morning and within 10 minutes I feel much more alert and I find it easier to concentrate.

Sometimes I'd have to read a page 3 times before it would sink in but because I'm more focused I just seem to "get it" so I feel smarter.

All of my teachers have commented on my progress so this OptiMind really does work.


More productive and got a pay rise.

Things have been going so good at work since I started taking these pills that I've been able to work extra hours and my boss was so impressed with my new enthusiasm and hard work that I've gotten a promotion with a pay rise!

Optimind gives me a superhuman focus

Going keto and using this stuff was the best decision I ever made. I feel like I have some kind of super human focus right now.

Adam N.

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You can read more OptiMind reviews on the official website at https://www.getOptiMind.com/reviews/

What Is OptiMind

It’s a supplement called a nootropic that contains ingredients specifically designed to help improve brain function.

There are literally hundreds of these nootropic supplements for sale and from what I’ve heard most of them are junk.

It’s not a miracle pill and I’ve seen some reviews where people weren’t impressed with the effects but I think it’s one of those supplements that you need to try for yourself.

If it doesn’t work for you then you’ll know not to buy any more but if it does work for you like it did for me then it’s going to blow your socks off.

There are 32 pills in each bottle and you take 2 at a time so that’s only 16 servings per bottle however you don’t need to take it every day.

  • Right now you can get a free trial of OptiMind hereLINK.

Give it a try and see for yourself.

How Do you Use It?

Just take 2 capsules and hopefully within 10 minutes or so you should start to feel energized and find that your mind clears and you feel immensely focused and alert.

I find the effects last between 6-10 hours.

The Ingredients Of OptiMind

After researching the ingredients here’s a quick summary of what they all do..

Gaba – This is a blend of amino acids known to help reduce stress and induce calmness. (You definitely do feel calmer and more relaxed while taking OptiMind.)

The WebMD here says that Gaba can help with anxiety and improve mood and heven help you sleep better.

Phosphatidylserine – Try saying that 3 times! This ingredient is actually contained within every single cell in your body.

According to Dr Axe’s article this ingredient is a key building block for all of the cells within your brain.

Your brain needs this stuff and probably isn’t getting enough of it from your diet.

It’s also known to be a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s and helps prevent cognitive decline and is effective at treating depression, ADHD.

So this stuff is all kinds of good for the brain.

Vitamin D3 – Did you know that vitamin d deficiency can be linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, dementia and cognitive impairment.

OptiMind helps get your vitamin d levels up which is good for a number of reasons including helping to improve cognitive brain function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – The IVLProducts website calls this ingredient “the antioxidant your brain loves“.

It is actually able to cross the blood brain wall and helps protect your brain neurons from toxins.

It also helps improve the health of neuroreceptors which help to improve memory, mood and brain function.

Caffeine – So we all know this one. Caffeine binds to the adenosine receptors within out brain making us feel more alert and awake.

Huperzine A – This is a common ingredient in Alzheimer’s medications. It’s best known as a memory enhancer and it’s also effective at helping your brain to process information faster.

Tyrosine – This one is a non essential amino acid meaning your body can live without it however why would you want to when you find out that it helps to greatly improve mental focus.

Taurine – It’s a neurotransmitting amino acid that helps more proteins and other stuff around the brain.

It helps to decrease anxiety, reduce stress and help improve focus.

Vitamin B12 – This vitamin is essential for brain health. Aarp.org says that a B12 deficiency may lead to brain shrinkage and memory problems.

Sulbutiamine – This is a form of vitamin B1 that has been depolarized to allow it to cross into the brain more easily.

Japanese researchers found that when their subjects took this they were more alert and focused. Their memories got better and they were able to work for longer.

Vinpocetine – Helps to improve brain circulation. In turn this helps to increase cognitive function, alertness and concentration.

Bacopa Monnieri – Scientists have been studying this ingredient for over 50 years.

This ingredient comes from a plant and is said to be one of the most powerful nootropic ingredients you can find.

This study on nih.gov calls Bacopa Monnieri a “neural tonic” and “memory enhancer”.

Conclusion – So those are the main ingredients within OptiMind. From the little bit of research that I did I found that all of them are backed up by studies that prove they are effective at improving brain function.

Feel free to look them up yourself and you’ll see!

The Benefits Of Using Opti Mind

Nootropics are amazing things and if you’ve seen the movie Limitless then you’ve probably thought to yourself “I want some of that too!”

Unless the government have some kind of super formula they’re keeping a secret I think Opti Mind is the closest thing you’ll find to the limitless pill.

Take just 2 of them and you’ll begin to feel..

  • More energy. You’ll perk right up.
  • More alert. You’ll be more tuned in to your surroundings.
  • Focused. When it kicks in you’ll feel your brain fog disappear and your mind becomes clear and focused. Whatever it is you’re working on you’ll just seem to get it done.
  • Better memory. You’ll find that you take in and retain information more easily which is great for students trying to learn.
  • Calm and relaxed. You’ll find this stuff helps you to reduce stress and helps you to calmly focus on the task at hand.

If you’re looking for something to increase your brain power, make you smarter and help you to stay focused then give OptiMind a try.

It may not work for everyone but that’s why they have a free trial hereLINK so you can see for yourself.

If it does work for you then you’ll know very quickly and will be astounded at how much you start to get done now you have all this added focus.

If you have any questions about OptiMind or if you’ve tried it yourself then leave a comment below!

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